WATERFORD Peated Woodbrook


The Woodbrook farm cultivates the barley used for this Single Farm edition, while the Irish peat is harvested in County Kildare. With a very high phenol level of 74 ppm, this single malt expresses a pronounced peat character, which is both ashy, fruity, and floral. When compared to its counterpart, Peated Lacken, it has a slightly less peaty profile but with a highly vibrant and expressive peat, and it’s more oily and robust. The use of 100% Irish peat marks a return to a certain tradition since it has been the primary source of heating for the island’s people for centuries. It’s the first time in generations that Irish whiskeys have been made this way.

Led by the renowned Mark Reynier, the Waterford distillery emphasizes barley at the core of the final aroma of a single malt through an ambitious triad of Terroir, Traceability, and Transparency. Inspired by the greatest winemakers and utilizing the incredible richness of the Irish terroir, combined with elite and cutting-edge production methods, they collaborate with non-conformist and iconoclastic farmers whose values and way of life revolve around respecting the land and seeking true flavors rather than crop yields.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Pale straw

Nose : Fresh and balanced. Lemon peels, beeswax, and recently extinguished candles. Freshly made crème brûlée. Very fresh notes of meadow flowers and hemp, along with a light and complex touch of camphor.

Palate : Spicy and citric. Dry spices, a mix of barbecue spices. Ashy notes from a beach campfire. Preserved lemons, lemon oil, and thick lime marmalade. Finally, a more indulgent biscuit note.

Finish : Long and ashy. With more spices and comforting campfire notes.

Profile : Fruity and smoky.

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