WATERFORD Biodynamic Luna 1.1


The Arcadian Series range is worked with non-conformist and iconoclastic farmers whose values ​​and way of life are centered on respect for the land and the search for real flavors rather than crop yields.

After an Organic Gaia 1.1 edition in 2020, hailed by critics, at the end of the year, Mark Reynier and his team are going even further by launching the very first whiskey produced from biodynamically grown barley in the world! Widely adopted in the wine industry by many of the most influential and visionary winegrowers, biodynamic barley cultivation had never given rise to a whiskey. Based on the lunar cycles, dispensing with any chemical product and sometimes caricatured for its original and even eccentric methods as well as its low yields, this method is nevertheless a true philosophy which makes it possible to recharge the soils with energy and therefore to regenerate them.

Waterford, whose inspiration has always been the world of wine, therefore plays with the greatest logic the role of pioneer in this way for whiskey. It remains to be seen whether the difference is real with conventional farming methods from an aromatic point of view… This single malt, whose barley comes from 3 small Irish biodynamic farms, is simply incredibly different, evoking during the tasting the minerality of the soil as well as the vegetal notes of barley, while retaining the very malty, greedy and spicy character which made the success of Waterford whiskeys. With remarkable tension, like a great white wine from the Loire for example, this single malt placed under the protection of the Moon is at the same time complex, original and pleasant. Quite simply, a unique experience!

Profile: Tense. Tea, spices, mineral and vegetable notes.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Apricot

Nose : Straight and rich. Plum, apricot marmalade, fresh fruit salad, iced coffee, lemon cake, milk chocolate and almonds, notes of herbal tea and freshly cut hay, with a nice minerality.

Palate : Tight, spicy and vegetal. The spices (cloves, white pepper) are found throughout the tasting, accompanied in turn by notes of dark chocolate, licorice, malt and grapefruit, but also vegetable flavors of great originality for a whiskey, such as green peppers, jalapeños, or peppermint tea.

Finish : Delicate and complex. The bouquet of spices on the palate continues to develop, with a slight acidity worthy of great dry white wines.

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