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Haiti, Rum – 50.6%, 70cl
Limited edition of 2316 bottles — LMDW Exclusive

Produced at the Chelo distillery, which is owned by Michel Sajous, this Clairin-style rum was aged in Haiti for 4 years. It is a blend of 12 casks which previously contained the Benriach distillery’s Scottish single malt for some and Caroni rum for others. A magnificent walkway between the world of Clairins and the world of rum, in terms of both flavours and aromas, this old Sajous shows extraordinary delicacy. Finely liquorice and very slightly toasted (hazelnut, zwieback), it nonetheless continually keeps in its sights fields of Cristalline sugar cane, a non-hybrid organic variety native to Haiti. At this point, wild raspberry arrives very softly on the surface of the palate. Outstanding.

Lemon yellow

Refined and rich. The medicinal (ointment, mustard) first nose is also exotic (pineapple), empyreumatic (crème brûlée) and smooth (rice cake). Allowed to breathe, essential oils (savory, lavender) appear alongside aromas of lychee, vanilla and lime. A little later, orange and banana cast a beautiful orange yellow on the aromatic palette. Occasionally bringing to mind a great mezcal (earth notes), most of all the nose reveals strong images of a field of burnt sugar cane before harvest.

Elegant, distinguished. The infinitely vanilla attack is superbly lemony, peppery and milky (coconut, almond). The slightly aniseed mid-palate is earthy and rooty (gentian). Also very rich, it invites us to enjoy a tarte tropézienne. The mineral end of the palate is ashy (lava), whilst lily, lily of the valley and tuberose release their fragrances into the increasingly heady air.

Long, dense. Taking on the mineral character of the palate, the start of the finish reveals numerous aromatic plants (sage, character, thyme, oregano). With a very smooth texture, the very end of the palate is characterized by delicious flavours of white peach, candied lemon and fresh hazelnut. On the retro-nasal olfaction, notes of vetiver and tarragon take us to the powdery, spicy (ginger), herbaceous (cut hay, alfalfa) and medicinal (tiger balm) dried extracts of the empty glass.

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