VIEUX SAJOUS 4 ans Sherry


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After the marvelous version aged in rum and whiskey casks from our 2021 Creation Catalog, we invite you to discover this Vieux Sajous aged in sherry casks.

Captivating, rich and deep, its aromatic and gustatory palette is nourished by Andalusian wine to better highlight the sublime notes of sugar cane, cane sugar and cane juice which orient the course of the tasting towards ever more class. and complexity.

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Tasting Notes

: Rich, concentrated. Very elegant and complex, the first nose is both oxidative (apricot, cherry brandy), chocolatey, finely wooded, and licorice. With aeration, it opens up to spicier and peppery notes (paprika, cayenne, pepper, nutmeg). Then, juicy oranges, heather honey, poppy flowers, and gingerbread arrive in a crescendo.

Palate : Lively and subtle. Very flowery (lilacs, geranium), exotic (mango), spicy (cinnamon) and roasted (coffee, tonka), the attack on the palate is also marked by sublime cane juice flavors. Then, all-flower honey, roasted pineapple and flambéed banana provide a lot of smoothness and radiance in the middle of the palate. The aftertaste takes us in the middle of a cane field while a fine film of soot gradually covers the taste buds.

Finish :  Long, silky. With a touch of great creaminess (mango pulp, orange zest, very ripe pineapple), the beginning of the finish also reveals notes of wax and incense. The very end of the palate leaves one to appreciate flavors of caramelized cane. Fruity and floral, the retro-olfaction prolongs for a long time the feeling of serenity that emanates from the taste palette. The empty glass is roasted (coffee), vegetal (Havana), floral (Indian carnation) and particularly evocative (artichoke bottom, apricot kernel).

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