TAKAMAKA White Habitation Velier


This version produced from sugar cane grown locally in a granite soil was distilled in pot stills and has a very precise ester content of 466 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol. Combining finesse and power, the flavour and aroma palette confidently explores the world of white brandy in order to fully highlight its incredibly pure expression of cane juice.

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Nose : full yet ethereal. The first nose expresses enveloping fragrances of cane juice and cane sugar with great finesse. Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette develops remarkably diverse fruity registers (peach, pear, raspberry, pineapple), while notes of tobacco and fresh ginger gradually take centre stage. Heady (iris, geranium), it lingers on notes of candied citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit).
Palate : rich, generous. Giving its own take on the aroma paletteÕs abundantly fruity register, the attack adds notes of cherry that bring an aged kirsch to mind. On the mid-palate, noble spices (star anise, clove, cinnamon) appear alongside floral (lilac, lily of the valley) and tangy (bergamote) flavours. The especially smooth end of the palate wavers between frangipane and nuts (pistachio, almond).
Overall : long, creamy. Characterized by impressively mineral (granite) notes of cane juice, the start of the finish is more candied (lemon, pear, pineapple). At the end of the finish, rose petals and geranium flowers are placed delicately on the taste buds. The creamy retro-nasal olfaction creates an intense picture of red fruit jams (cherry, raspberry). The empty glass is herbaceous (sugar cane), floral (geranium) and spicy (star anise, ginger).

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