TAKAMAKA 2019 Le Clos Series Ex-Pineau New Vibrations


Founded in 2002 by Richard and Bernard d’Offay on the Saint-André plain, the Trois-Frères distillery produces a rum called Takamaka, named after a district on Mahé Island. Distilled in pot stills, this version first aged for nearly three years in a new French oak barrel and then was refined in a cask that previously held white Pineau des Charentes. With a remarkable balance, its complex aromatic and gustatory palette has been enriched by the liqueur-like fragrances and flavors of the wine to better highlight a maturity of expression tinged with exoticism.

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Tasting Notes

: Deep copper orange.

Nose : Generous, refined. Powdery and spicy (ginger, cinnamon), the initial nose reveals lovely apricot, tangy (orange), and exotic (passion fruit) notes. Upon aeration, scents of vanilla and iris concrete blend with subtle chocolatey and praline aromas.

Palate : Simultaneously lively and balanced. Medicinal (arnica), fibrous (sugarcane, licorice stick), the palate entry is fruity (apricot, marmalade). In the mid-palate, the chocolatey notes take on darker and spicier tones (saffron, cardamom).

Finish : Long, rich. Beginning with a pleasant chocolatey bitterness, the start of the finish carries minty and balsamic nuances (cedar). Saline, the aftertaste is decidedly tertiary (cep), heady (sandalwood), and woody.



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