RENEGADE Pre-Cask Dunfermline Column


The Renegade rum distillery: a modern marvel precisely designed to exalt the individuality of the terroirs, the purity of prolonged fermentation, and a thoughtful and rigorous distillation. Dunfermline Terroir: In the mountains of Saint-André, on the northeast coast of the island, nestles Dunfermline – a venerable distillery lost to Hurricane Ivan – whose clayey silt has been suitable for cultivation for centuries sugar cane. For this rum, we have harvested the high sucrose variety that we call Lacalome Red at “Anderson’s Field”, which is found on the land known as Mango Lane. Today, four terroirs distribute the 26.22 acres of agricultural land with four varieties of cane. But Dunfermline was acquired in 1953 by father and son Ferdinand Henry and Dennis Henry. At the time, the estate spanned 992 acres of land with various crops, the major ones being coconuts, cocoa, bananas, limes, and nutmeg for local sale and international export. In the 1970s and 1980s, the estate flourished, employing up to 150 people.

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  • Nose: Sweet. With tropical notes reminiscent of banana and pineapple.
  • Taste: Sweet notes of orange and marmalade, with candied and buttery final notes.
  • Overall: Sweet and fruity.

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