RENEGADE 3 ans 2020 Habitation Velier


Crafted from the varieties of sugar cane Lacalome Red and Yellow Lady, this Renegade small batch has aged in three different types of barrels: French oak (17%), ex-bourbon barrels (60%), and new American oak barrels (23%).

With an annual angel’s share of 8%, this version has acquired, in two years, an absolutely remarkable complexity and maturity of expression.

Overflowing with naturalness, its aromatic and gustatory palette also candidly reflects the youthful and exuberant character of its early days.

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Tasting Notes

: Old gold.

Nose : Rich, heady. Both floral (dandelion), honeyed, medicinal (balm), and vanilla, the initial nose is gradually covered by exquisite scents of gum arabic. With aeration, fresh sugar cane juice floods the entire aromatic palette with its milky (coconut) and exotic (pineapple, kiwi) aromas. Vetiver note.

Palate : Lively, slender. Mentholated, the palate attack is spicy (curry, cardamom, cinnamon), rooty (ginger), and liqueur-like (warm sugar cane). In the mid-palate, vanilla pods and nuggets of dark chocolate achieve the perfect harmony. Very pleasant gourmet bitterness.

Finish : Long, creamy. The beginning of the finish reveals deliciously tannic and fibrous (sugar cane) notes. Saline, the aftertaste is compote-like (apple), saffron-infused, and autumnal (moss). At the end of the palate, flavors of artichoke heart soften the gustatory palette.

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