Portofino Dry Gin was created out of love for Portofino, its charm, and its prestigious history. 21 botanicals are used in the making of Portofino Dry Gin, each carefully selected for its aromatic properties. The initial notes of Portofino Dry Gin come from fresh lemon and juniper, transporting you to the heights of Portofino. They lead the way to a whole universe of Mediterranean aromas, ranging from coastal scents of rosemary and lavender to the sweet and delicate notes of marjoram and sage, evoking the traditional cuisine of Liguria.

Distilled from Italian wheat alcohol by an ancient Italian distillery, each batch of our gin is crafted by combining traditional and innovative methods. An authentic copper still is used to distill grappa and local liqueurs, along with a Rotovap, state-of-the-art technology that enables vacuum distillation, preserving the delicate aromas of our ingredients.

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Tasting Notes

: Portofino Dry Gin reveals its first impressions with the refreshing scent of fresh lemon and crisp juniper, reminiscent of the hills of Portofino.

Palate : Upon tasting, a plethora of Mediterranean flavors emerge, reminiscent of the coastal scrub, with hints of rosemary and lavender filling the palate. The sweet and delicate notes of marjoram and sage add a touch of traditional Ligurian cuisine to the overall experience.

Finish : The finish is marked by the lingering essence of the Mediterranean landscape, leaving a lasting impression of the unique blend of botanicals used in Portofino Dry Gin.


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