PAPA ROUYO White Habitation Velier


Papa Rouyo White Rum is a 100% pot still distilled spirit made exclusively from Guadeloupean sugarcane grown near Grande-Terre. The distillery where it is produced is located in Goyave, Basse-Terre, and is named after Charles Albert Ruscade, known as “Papa Rouyo,” who introduced sugarcane cultivation to Grande-Terre. The distillery uses two pot stills, Agathe and Danielle, named after the key women in Papa Rouyo’s family, instead of a creole column still.

This bottling is distilled and bottled at cask strength with 62% ABV and an ester rate of 67.9 gr/hLAP for a rich and bold flavor. Papa Rouyo White Rum is a unique and exceptional rum that pays homage to the rich history and traditions of the French Caribbean.

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Tasting Notes

: Luscious and complex.

Nose : Rich and heady. Dried mango, sugar cane, lime, iodine and vegetal notes.

Palate : Lively and tense. Liquorice, chocolate, floral and ethereal notes.

Finish : Long and smooth. Cocoa, spices, orange zest and pastry notes.

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