NEISSON 2018 Straight from the Barrel fût n°88 Vevert New Vibrations


Distilled on June 28, 2018, this version aged in the ‘Vevert’ cellar, which maintains an average humidity level of 82% and an average temperature of 25.5°C. Remarkably deep, its aromatic and gustatory palette has absorbed rich fruity, spicy, floral, vanilla, chocolatey, and tropical tones while demonstrating a timeless freshness of expression. Raising the bar for tasting, this Neisson shows how brilliantly it has defied the passage of time.

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Tasting Notes

: Old gold.

Nose : Rich, ample. Spicy (clove, ginger) and root-like (gentian), the initial nose is also marked by citrus notes (orange, mandarin) and heady flowers (tuberose, broom). Upon aeration, fine oak, incense, and wax aromas ennoble the aromatic palette.

Palate : Dense, sleek. Dynamic (hint of curry), the palate’s entry oscillates between citrus zest (lemon, orange), spices (star anise, turmeric), and flavors of infusions (verbena, lime blossom). The mid-palate then ventures into more vanilla and roasted (mocha) territories.

Finish : Long, silky. With a velvety touch, the start of the finish evokes confectionery (calisson d’Aix, bêtise de Cambrai) followed by freshly pressed sugarcane. In the aftertaste, succulent ganache and toffee flavors mingle with more extroverted notes of tropical flowers (bougainvillea).

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