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Colour: mahogany.

Nose: fleshy, rich. At once exotic (mango), heady (reseda, lavender, carnation), apricots and chocolate, the first nose reveals a rare density. Allowed to breathe, aromas of juicy citrus fruits (orange, mandarin), nectarine and leather add even more body and complexity to the aroma palette. Gradually, cocoa powder and polish notes (beeswax, precious wood) appear alongside noble spices (cardamom, cinnamon, ginger).

Palate: full, rich. Inviting us to enjoy a delicious slightly burnt apricot tart, the attack quickly develops more chocolate and herbaceous (cigar, pipe tobacco) registers. On the mid-palate, guava and persimmon add an exotic dimension to this superb opening argument. With time, the flavour palette becomes gently malted and finely woody.

Finish: long, silky. At the start of the finish, salted butter caramel and toffee flavours pair together in harmony. Red fruits (pomegranate, strawberry, redcurrant) and black fruits (blackcurrant, bramble, blueberry) then literally flood an invigorating and spry end of the finish. Fully incorporated into the end of the finish, the retro-nasal olfaction adds notes of lychee, guava and lavender. Outstanding. The fibrous empty glass (ginger, liquorice stick) is also malty and nobly woody (oak stave).

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Mortlach was founded in 1823 and temporarily mothballed between 1837 and 1842. After being converted into a church and brewery for several years, production began again in 1851. In 1897 it doubled its production capacity, moving from three to six stills, and in 1964 it underwent major renovation. With unstoppable fruity richness, this version brings to mind the magnificent Mortlach found in the Plume collection also distilled in 2012 and featured in this creation catalogue. With unbridled charm, its palette of flavours and aromas is sure to immediately win over the most demanding taster.

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