MIYAGIKYO Discovery Aromatic Yeast


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Colour: bright gold.

Nose: refined, full of ardour. The very exuberant first nose (lavender, marshmallow, marsh mallow plant) is also softly liquoricey and lush (malted barley). Allowed to breathe, succulent perfumes of comté cheese, flowering meadow and fruits (peach, pear, apricot) intensely take hold of the olfactory arena. Gradually, notes of vanilla, coconut milk and lemon meringue tart draw out the first stage of the tasting.

Palate: radiant, well-balanced. The full-bodied attack is at first refreshingly herbaceous (barley field, fern). Very delicately, the mid-palate then becomes very pleasantly rich (brioche, leavened baguette). Next, white peaches and pears release their deliciously tangy juice onto the taste buds as acacia honey spreads voluptuously around the sides of the palate.

Finish: long, silky. Closely linked to the end of the palate, incredibly fresh flavours of herbal tea (sage, camomile, verbena) cross through the start of the finish. At the end of the finish, grains of salt are placed gently onto a bed of cut grass. The mentholated, very slightly empyreumatic (smoking cigar) and spicy (fresh ginger) retro-nasal olfaction gradually reveals subtle floral notes (pear tree, lily of the valley). The empty glass releases fermentation aromas.

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After the remarkable Miyagikyo Discovery Peated in our 2022 creation catalogue, the magic behind this unpeated version comes from the use of yeasts that encourage the development of delicately fruity aromas and flavours. An invitation to dive quite literally into a washback in the midst of fermentation, it begins first by laying the foundations of a deeply malty character. Then, as the
tasting unfolds, deliciously luscious, floral, rich and even fruity sequences interweave with one another, like dissolving transitions in a film.

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