MANNOCHMORE 2012 The Fruity


Founded in 1971, Mannochmore has, despite its young age, already experienced a period of closure between 1985 and 1989. In 1996, the distillery caused a stir with the release of its famous black whisky Loch Dhu, which people are still talking about 20 years later. Whether exotic, white, juicy or well-cooked, the fruits revealed in the palette of flavours and aromas of this young bottling are all precise and natural. Showcased particularly well, they are underscored by notes of malted barley, new oak, cut grass and well-defined spices.

Profile: the rich initial nose evokes sweet pastries (frangipane) and fruit (pineapple, banana). Allowed to breathe, it is covered in a layer of vanilla. The neat attack reveals one fruit in particular, Mirabelle plum. The mid-palate is mentholated, before new fruits (pear, apple) make their entrance. The ample finish is even more exotic (mango, lichee) and spicy (coriander, dill). Exclusive to LMDW

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Appearance : pale gold.
Nose : rich, concentrated. Underscored by notes of frangipane pastries and raisin cake, the initial nose is remarkably fruity (banana, pineapple, stewed apple). Allowed to breathe, it is covered in a layer of vanilla and crushed almonds. Gradually, notes of new oak and malted barley unite to bring lots of depth.
Palate : neat, resolute. The very slender attack is focused on one fruit in particular, Mirabelle plum, perhaps even a Mirabelle plum liqueur. The slightly tannic (fruit skin) mid-palate is delicately herbaceous and mentholated. This refreshing sequence allows other fruits to appear (pear, apple). The end of the palate is at once lemony, vanilla and medicinal (arnica, ointment).
Overall : long, full-bodied. The very lush (fern, green malt) finish precisely reproduces the fruity character of the palate. Then, coriander and dill gradually line the edge of the palate. The sweet retronasal olfaction returns to the exotic character of the initial nose, adding mango and lichee. The ethereal empty glass is floral (lilac, lily of the valley) and luscious (bay leaf, sage).

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