From the first nose, the tone is set: this Laphroaig is absolutely remarkable for its complexity and finesse. Intimately linked to each other, its peaty, fruity, floral and chocolate notes compete in intensity. They bring a lot of fluidity and movement to an aromatic and gustatory palette that is resplendent with freshness. To this must be added notes of hydrocarbon and honey, which intertwine throughout the tasting.

Complex, finesse. Passion, ashes, limes.

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Tasting Notes

: Pale gold.

Nose: Dense, complex. The first nose successively reveals passion fruit, ash, sleet, hydrocarbons (fuel), milky peat, almonds, lemons, pears, peppers (Cayenne), iodine and salt. Allowed to breathe, white flowers pierce the tarmac. The aromatic palette then becomes magnificently herbaceous (white mint), peppery and ever more floral (white lilac, lily of the valley).

Palate : Both lively and unctuous. Like the first nose, the attack on the palate oscillates in particular between passion fruit, peat and limes. Along the way, she adds a few vanilla pods and chocolate chips. Absolutely delicious, the mid-palate sees the peat completely coating the palate with minty, spicy (cloves, star anise) and camphor flavors. Particularly saline, the aftertaste is marked by notes of shellfish, sea spray, fleur de sel and licorice stick.

Finish : Long, concentrated. At the start of the finish, lavender honey, zan, oily peat, soot, flavors of agave, bitumen, smoked fish, eucalyptus, incense, candied lemons, coconut milk and fresh walnuts revisit the nose and mouth. The retro-olfaction provides the pleasant sensation of smoking a finely herbaceous and spicy Havana. In unison, the empty glass reveals passion fruit, limes, oily peat and sleet.

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