KILCHOMAN 8 ans 100% Islay Fermentation Variation 100h Bourbon Barrel Single Cask New Vibrations


Equipped with two stainless steel mash tuns with a capacity of 1.2 tons and sixteen 6,000-liter stainless steel washbacks, the Kilchoman distillery doubled its production capacity in 2019, going from two to four stills. Presented as a pair with a whisky of the same age proceeding from a 75-hour fermentation, this version, also displaying a phenol level of 20 ppm, originates from a 100-hour fermentation. Intensely peated, saturated with thick smoke, it gradually reveals fruity, milky, and spicy tones that paint a tableau as vibrant as it is complex.

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Tasting Notes

: Pale gold.

Nose : Rich, concentrated. Revealing a dark and oily peat, the first scent, of great finesse, is saturated with intense smoke. Complex, the aromatic palette evolves towards fruity (pineapple, pear, apple) and spicy (cinnamon, ginger) tones.

Palate : Delicate, nuanced. Solar, the palate’s attack is in turn fruity (pear), smoky, resinous (pine), and earthy. The mid-palate evokes a malt floor and barley grains literally rolling on the tongue. The very end of the palate is minty.

Finish : Long, creamy. Barley sugar spreads with infinite sweetness. Milky (agave, almond), the aftertaste hints at a drier, iodine-laden (sea spray) and saline peat. Then, lime flavors refresh the finish.
Profile: Rich and creamy.




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