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Ki One in Korean means the Beginning and Hope. These two themes perfectly encapsulate our spirit as we are at the beginning of the single malt whisky journey from Korea to the world. We hope to showcase how the four seasons of our region in Korea leads to faster maturation periods and distinct flavor of local whisky.

The Society Collection consists of three animal editions – Tiger, Unicorn and Eagle that symbolize the guards of the Three Society Distillery. The Society Collection is made with all the same spirit distilled on 7th July 2020. These three limited edition impressions are to showcase our maturation process of local single malt before the general release.

The Eagle edition is the last whisky impression of the Society Collection and symbolizes the representative animal of the United States of America and is where our founder Bryan Do was born and raised. Most of the wood we mature our whisky in, is from the USA, from our Kentucky made virgin oak to the once filled bourbon oak barrels. And what better way to showcase the Eagle edition by finishing the maturation off in an American first filled bourbon cask! 1,963 bottles produced.

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 : Sweet oak with summer fruit.

Palate : Sweet vanilla, barley sugar, banana, sultanas, apples and peaches.

OverallLong lingering spices give way to rich toffee and a forest.

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