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KI ONE Batch 4 Smoked


Ki One Batch 4 was crafted to cater to diverse preferences. A peated spirit was chosen, but realizing the heavy peat and iodine taste wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking, a smokey version of Batch 4 was also bottled.

The peated version has the iodine, earthy feel that is either loved or hated. With careful blending of malted barley and casked spirits, the smokey version eliminates the iodine but retains the smokiness and some of the earth.

Both whiskies are balanced to allow the fruits and spices from the Ki-One range to create a well-rounded whisky.

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Tasting Notes

: Damp, burning autumn leaves lightly dance over orange peel.

Palate : Oriental spices give way to sweet honey and plums.

Finish : A rich oak earth finish.

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