KARUKERA 2014 Single Cask Conquête


This version aged in an ex-brandy sherry cask is noticeably different from the 2009 cognac cask also found in our 2022 Creation Catalogue. In both its aromas and flavours, it shows Karukera in an unusual light and completely under the sherry’s spell. Therefore a very original bottling, it makes the most of the opportunity to explore new lands while revealing delicious vegetable notes.

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Appearance : orangey copper.
Nose : fresh and lively. On the first nose, superb notes of orange zest appear alongside beeswax, apricot, emery cloth, root ginger and grated celery. The sherry brandy maturationÕs influence is undeniable. Allowed to breathe, the nose becomes exotic (mango, papaya) and floral (rose, purple lilac). Refined liquorice and sherry aromas gradually cover the taste buds.
Palate : rich, taut. The very rooty attack (Jerusalem artichoke, swede) is very slightly reductive (turnip, slightly burnt dark chocolate). Quickly, however, it reproduces the fruity aspects of the aroma palette (orange, mango, mandarin). On the mid-palate, turmeric and ginger envelop the taste buds and bring lots of texture to the flavour palette. The empyreumatic end of the palate is characterized by notes of eucalyptus and bay leaf.
Overall : long, rich. The start of the finish invites us to enjoy an apricot tart served with a delicious marmalade. New fruits (banana, pineapple) then gradually enrich the exoticism of the finish. Dried fruit and nuts (apricot, almond), cinnamon and a hint of clove liven up the retro-nasal olfaction, while the empty glass is roasted (coffee), vanilla, delicately liquorice and heady (ylang ylang).

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