HAMPDEN 10 ans 2010 LROK Single Cask #487 LMDW


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The Hampden distillery is equipped with four double-retort pot stills. The first (John Dore) has a 7,650-litre capacity and was installed in 1960; the second (Vendôme) a 18,900-litre capacity and was installed in 1994; the third (Forsyth), 18,900 litres, in 2010; and the last (TNT), also 18,900 litres, in 2016. The slow distillations, which last approximately 7 hours, create a rich and powerful new make spirit that comes off the stills at 82% ABV. This cask, selected by La Maison du Whisky, is one of the first of the distillery’s official bottlings. With absolutely outstanding complexity, it is part of the LROK category, with an ester content of 200-400 grams per hectolitre of pure alcohol.

Profile: the powerful first nose is musky and camphoric. Gradually, citrus fruit (lemon), heady florals (honeysuckle) and white fruits (pear) make a noteworthy appearance. Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette becomes exotic (banana, pineapple) and liquoricey. The dynamic attack is vanilla, medicinal and hot. The marks of hydrocarbon (petrol) reflect the mineral character of the flavour palette. The distinguished start of the finish is an ode to sugar cane. Gradually, flavours of hot tar and burnt sugar cane fill the air.

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Appearance : burnished gold with green hues.

Nose : lively, powerful. On the first nose, aromas of benzoin, musk and camphor fill every inch of the air. Gradually, lemon zest, honeysuckle, coconut milk, vanilla and white fruits (pear, peach) create an elegant riposte perfect for opening the particularly hearty tasting. Allowed to breathe, the aromatic palette becomes exotic (banana, pineapple), oily (sunflower, olive) and very liquorice. Little by little, however, the initial energy returns, with notes of agave, pink peppercorn, ginger, vetiver and chilli (Cayenne pepper).

Palate : sharp, dynamic. Immediately, the cane sugar and vanilla deposited on the edge of the palate help soften a hot, medicinal attack characterized by the presence of various hydrocarbon notes (petrol, diesel). The flavour palette enthusiastically moves into fruity (pear, Mirabelle plum), lush (cut hay, straw), divinely mentholated and lemony lands.

Overall : long, distinguished. At the start of the finish, notes of sugar cane and cane sugar rival the intensity of hot tar, smoked meat and flavours of burnt sugar cane. Unctuous, oily and harmonious, the retro-nasal olfaction is also strongly marked by terpenic (lava, manganese) and empyreumatic (tarmac, thuja) notes. The empty glass is liquoricey, powdery (cocoa) and aromatic (chervil), recreating the aromas of soil dampened by a storm.

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