FOURSQUARE White High Esters Habitation Velier


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Foursquare LFT White is an outstanding white rum that’s made using a blend of rums, each distilled in the distillery’s double retort still. The rums are fermented using different methods, including molasses with a single strain of yeast and freshly pressed sugar cane juice with natural yeasts.

This 100% Pot Still distillate was produced in 2021 and has an ester content of 555gr/hLAP, giving it a unique and full-bodied flavor profile. It’s bottled at a high proof of 62% and has notes of banana, pear, and apricot with a long, satisfying finish and a touch of spice.

Foursquare LFT White is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation in the world of rum. It’s a must-try for rum enthusiasts and those who appreciate high-quality spirits.

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Tasting Notes

Profile: Complex and heady.

Nose : Rich and aromatic. Vanilla, toffee, grassy notes, cinnamon, black pepper and varnish.

Palate : Intense and tense. Sugar cane juice, caramel, petrol and bergamot.

Finish : Long and powerful. Cocoa, cane sugar, Vindaloo and honey.

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