An appetising aroma of contrasts: banana and toffee mingle with soft, savoury barbecue smokiness and hints of rum and raspberry. Enjoy a soft and oily palate of almond and vanilla before a curiously delicious flavour of burnt pine cones develops.

A whisky for those rare downpours accompanied by bright sunshine, and other paradoxical phenomena. A splash of room temperature water will lift the unique smoky notes.

With this new limited edition, Compass Box pushes the boundaries of blending once again. Halfway between a malt and grain whisky, this creation brings together two diametrically opposed styles in the Scottish aromatic spectrum: smoke and sweetness. Compass Box used in its blend a whisky produced at the Loch Lomond distillery from peated malt barley, distilled in a Coffey still. Although it is made from 100% malt barley, the use of a column still rather than a pot still during distillation means it cannot be classified in the single malt category. An unusual whisky, ideal for creating a unique blend combining notes of smoke and barbecue, with sweeter and more indulgent notes of banana, toffee, pear, and vanilla.

Profile: Smooth, smoky.

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Smoky & Sweet – But Is It A Malt Or A Grain? We have used a special parcel of whisky made at the Loch Lomond Distillery from peated malted barley, distilled in their copper Coffey still. Despite this being 100% malted barley, the use of a column rather than a pot still during distillation means this cannot be classified as a single malt – it is the perfect spirit around which to build a unique blended grain Scotch whisky.

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