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Perched at an altitude of 896 metres in the Dévoluy Mountains, Domaine des Hautes Glaces continues its search for terroir begun in 2009. Preferring local distribution channels and using entirely organic methods, the distillery carefully manges every step of production. Its grains come from five plots with very different weather and geological conditions. Fermentation lasts approximately one week and distillation is completed in two pairs of direct-fired Charente stills (one 2,500-litre wash still and one 700-litre spirit still). In 2016, to celebrate La Maison du Whisky’s 60th anniversary, we selected a single malt aged in a Saint-Joseph cask. And it is now the second fill of the same cask that joins the Version Française range! Less active, the cask allows more focus on the raw ingredients, in this case a winter barley from the Vulson plot.
Profile: fresh, light and sophisticated, this Domaine des Hautes Glaces single cask focuses on the essential – barley! The little-active cask allows room for the distillate, whilst bringing roundness, and fruity and delicate notes of wax. Produced from a long fermentation followed by direct-fired double distillation, this young whisky bursts with cereal aromas and heady florals. A beautiful minerality accompanies the entire tasting, reminding us of the estate’s mountain setting.

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Tasting Notes

Appearance : Straw

Nose : Fine and delicate. Typical of Domaine des Hautes Glaces, the grains are given pride of place, with aromas of fresh malt and freshly cut barley. Floral notes of hawthorn and lily mix with mineral aromas, bringing beautiful freshness to the nose. These aromas are balanced by yellow fruits (quince, necatarine), wax and acacia honey. Allowed to breathe, fragrances of schist and damp grains take us to the distillery’s alpine setting.

Palate : Full and supple, and consistent with the nose, the palate reveals a succession of flavours with precision and remarkable tempo. First, barley melts into notes of ripe fruit (white grape) and heady florals (mimosa). Then beeswax and a gentle hint of lemon carry the mid-palate. Finally, unexpected spices appear (black pepper, Timur berry), bringing the palate exoticism and richness.

Finish : Long, gradually we move away from the spices, fresh barley and mineral mountain air to return to aromas of maturation. After many minutes, the resinous side and honeyed notes typical of white Saint-Joseph coat the palate, bringing the tasting to a beautiful conclusion.

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