CLAIRIN 2018 Vaval


For the past 10 years, Fritz Vaval has been at the head of the Arrawaks distillery located in Cavaillon, southern Haiti. The distillery that has been in the family since 1947. He cultivates ‘Madame Meuze’ cane over 20 hectares using entirely natural methods. Magnificent in its finesse and complexity, this nazon-style clairin is made from pure sugar cane and is fermented from indigenous yeasts before being distilled in a copper column still with 10 trays.
Profile: ample, distinguished. The very svelte palate is vanillascented and saffron-inspired. Long, silky finish.

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Traditional Haiti ! These highly artisanal eaux-de-vie, similar to white agricole rums, have long been the most popular drink in the remotest, poorest regions of Haiti. Bottled at natural strength, these three bottlings come from three different distilleries but have aspects in common: pure, well balanced alcohols capable of evolving interestingly and expressively in the glass. The Brazilian have cachaça, the Haitian have clairin!

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