With the aim of bringing rum back to the birthplace of sugarcane, the Chalong Bay distillery, founded by two young Frenchmen, produces rum exclusively from the first press of an endemic Thai sugarcane variety that is grown without chemicals or pesticides. The distillery is equipped with a 40-year-old Armagnac still. Particularly aromatic and fresh, the rum it produces is a true ode to a fruit: lychee. Profile: slender, powerful. Exotic (coconut milk, vanilla, lychee) and fruity (various citrus fruits) notes. Fresh cane juice and agave aromas. Lavender honey, spices, and heady flowers.

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Tasting Notes

: Lively, powerful. Coconut milk and fresh sugar cane juice are underpinned by the acidity of the citrus fruit (lime, orange). It slowly merges into notes of agave and geranium. The lavender honey gradually creeps its way across the aromatic palette.

Palate : Fine, lingering. Although its opening is chocolatey and roasted (coffee), it quickly develops into something more spicy (pepper, nutmeg) and chilli-like. Heady florals (lily, tuberose) take over the mid-palate and are seasoned with vanilla pods and toffee. Lighly earthy and liquorice, it tends to tighten around the palate.

Finish : Long, silky. An incredibly pure and expressive note of lychee takes over the composition. Well-defined notes of rose appear at the end of the palate, evoking the fruit’s fresh petals. The retronasal olfaction is mouth-watering. Once empty, the glass has a fermented, lactic aspect.

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