Caorunn, pronounced “ka-roon,” is a Scottish gin distilled in small batches and made from local ingredients. Produced on the site of the Balmenach distillery in Speyside, it uses a specific still (Copper Berry Chamber), which was used in the 1920s in the United States to extract essential oils used as a base for making perfumes. Through this particular infusion process, alcohol vapors will gently and slowly extract the flavors of the various ingredients used. Among the 11 ingredients used, 5 of them are hand-harvested around the distillery: dandelion leaf, heather, bog myrtle berry, a variety of wild apple (Coul Blush), and the rowan berry. The latter, called “Caorunn” in Gaelic and which gives its name to the gin, is similar in taste to juniper berry and will bring a particular typicity to it. Rich, fruity, and floral, it is enjoyed on ice or with tonic water. Add a slice of red apple to awaken its fruity and gourmet side.

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: Colourless with glints of iris.

Nose : Precise, clean. Smooth expression with notes of coriander, juniper berries, cloves and toasted barley. It then develops lavender, gentian root and roasted fruit (pineapple, banana). Punctuated with a hint of rubber (tyres).

Palate : Unctuous, mellow. Very different from the nose, fresh fruit (pears, apples), orange flowers and vanilla are firmly defined. It becomes increasingly smooth and enriched with heady, liquoricey flavours of star anise and aniseed.

Overall : Soft, caressing. Nettles, ivy, mint and cypress express notes of chlorophyll. These are accompanied by juicy oranges. Lingers naturally with fir tree honey. The empty glass is spicy and very slightly smoky.

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