BUSHMILLS 32 ans 1989 Port Cask #6095


Irish to the core, Bushmills is the inheritor of a tradition that dates back over 400 years and produces a totally peat-free single malt. Distilled three times, the new-make is collected at an impressive strength of 85%. After necessary reduction, it then ages in a wide variety of barrels. In fact, Bushmills invests heavily in the rigorous sourcing of barrels from the United States, France, Andalusia, Portugal, Sicily, and the Caribbean. A rare diversity that allows for the creation of unique expressions while still maintaining the undeniable Irish character of this whiskey.

Limited edition of 332 bottles An LMDW exclusive Cask number 6095 is the oldest Bushmills selected by La Maison du Whisky. Like cask number 6096, revealed in our 2022 Creation Catalog “Conquering Origins,” it was aged in a port cask. While it exhibits floral, fruity, and spicy aromas, on the palate, salted butter caramel has replaced chocolate and the mouth feels much more licorice and malty. Its expression is fresh and complex, fitting for its 32 years.

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Tasting Notes

Color : Bright gold Nose: Delicate, complex

Nose : At first nose, scents of vanilla are accompanied by heady flowers (lilies, broom, mimosa), aromatic plants (sage, vervain) and exotic fruits (passion fruit, banana, pineapple) of great purity of expression. Upon aeration, sweet and strong spices (cinnamon, black pepper, ginger) delicately settle on the surface of the aromatic palette. Then, new fruits appear, including candied lemons, mangoes or white currants.

Palate : Dynamic, refined. Very different from the nose, the attack on the palate provides the pleasant sensation of chewing a stick of licorice. In the mid-palate, the white currants perceived earlier release a freshly acidulated juice. In continuity, marshmallow flavors intertwine with very intense floral flavors (violet, lavender). At the end of the palate, grains of malted barley literally roll around the edges of the palate.

Finish : Long, balanced. Remarkably airy, the beginning of the finish further transcends the exotic, floral and spicy character of the aromatic and gustatory palette. Then, infusions of plants (chamomile, rosemary) permeate every papilla. Intimately linked to each other, the very end of the palate and the retro-olfaction are covered by a thin layer of salted butter caramel, revealing a new facet of this extremely complex Bushmills.

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