BLAVIER 2003 Version Française


A testament to another era, this single cask, produced at a time when France had only a handful of distilleries, bears the name of a very rare still. Composed of three vats and two rectification columns, the Blavier still is the creation of a renowned coppersmith from the early 20th century. One of the peculiarities of this machine lies in its second column: a tube containing ceramic rings whose role is to rid the alcohol of its heaviest compounds to produce a distillate of great finesse. Wonderfully old school, its aromatic and gustatory palette has forged a personality whose expressive sensitivity is only matched by its timeless character.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Deep amber.

Nose : Supple, balanced. After a very expressive sequence (flour, bread dough, Imperial Stout), the first nose reveals a chocolatey and indulgent character (rice pudding). With aeration, a red fruit jam takes the lead, bringing freshness to the olfactory palette.

Palate : Smooth, expressive. The mouth’s attack, chocolatey, evolves towards lively roasted (coffee) and saline (popcorn) notes. Red fruit tea flavors add voluptuousness to a harmonious finish. Aeration diffuses elegant orange and tangerine flavors.

Finish : Broad, evolving. The beginning of the finish drifts towards fruity territories (apple, grape, blackberry). Then, with grace, these fruity flavors create an evident kinship with the world of Jura wines.

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