Very Ben Nevis, this expression perfectly illustrates the unique character of this single malt that holds a special place in the hearts of whisky enthusiasts. Its oxidized fruity notes, both classic and exotic, its subtly floral character, the abundance of aromatic herbs that disrupt the established order, and the spices that combine diversity and noble expression are the ingredients that shape its nuanced aromatic and flavorful profile.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Deep gold.

Nose : Rich, velvety. With its oxidized character, this Ben Nevis evokes a 20-year-old Jura yellow wine. Aromas of ripe walnuts and white grapes harmoniously blend with hints of curry, cinnamon, and saffron. Growing increasingly indulgent, the aromatic palette transitions to a vanilla, almost chocolatey note, and showcases beautifully floral tones of lime blossom, lily, and pink rose. Exotic fruits (roasted pineapple, flambéed banana) come to the forefront.

Palate : Full-bodied, vibrant. Upon entry, beeswax and acacia honey gently coat the taste buds with sweetness, while spices (pepper, star anise, cloves) settle as a fine powder on the tongue. In the mid-palate, stewed fruits (apple, mirabelle plum) and candied citrus (lemon, orange) mingle with numerous aromatic herbs (chervil, sage, summer savory). The finish of the palate is marked by notes of frangipane and raisin cake.

Finish : Long, smooth. A delicate blend of damp earth, cinnamon, and grated ginger sets the stage for the finish, which is simultaneously fresh and herbaceous (coriander, dill), resinous, and sap-like (pine). In its continuation, flavors of nuts delightfully contribute to a invigorating bitterness. In retro-olfaction, highlights of cocoa powder, plantain bananas, turmeric, and acacia honey punctuate the tasting beautifully. The empty glass reveals notes of vanilla, camphor, and medicinal qualities (tiger balm).

Profile : Oxidized, exotic.

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