BARBADOS 1996 The Wild Parrot Antipodes Hid.


Created in 2016 by Stefano Cremaschi (The Whisky Roundabout) and Andrea Ferrari, the founder of the small Italian trading house Hidden Spirits, The Wild Parrot includes among its most legendary bottlings heavy rums from distilleries such as Caroni, Diamond, Hampden, Enmore, Savanna… This year, it’s off to Barbados with a version distilled in January 1996 and aged in bourbon casks. Bursting with youth, its aromatic and gustatory palette takes paths of herbaceous, medicinal, vanilla, floral, fruity, and even remarkable lactose freshness and vitality.

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Tasting Notes

: Bright gold

Nose : Fine, rich. With an incredible youthful expression, the first nose is vegetal (juniper, alfalfa), fruity (pineapple, lemon, banana), vanilla, and medicinal (tiger balm). Upon aeration, aromas of white flowers (lily, lily of the valley), sugarcane, acacia honey, and burnt rubber are intimately intertwined. Fragrances of pear then literally emerge from the glass.

Palate : Delicate, nuanced. On the palate’s attack, sugarcane flows abundantly. Following that, aromatic plants (chervil, sorrel, laurel) gradually take center stage. Fibrous (sugarcane, licorice stick), the mid-palate is softened by notes of toffee and almond milk. The very smooth finish is sweetened by flavors of white chocolate.

Finish : Long, indulgent. Vanilla and lactose, the finish seamlessly follows on from the palate, marked by notes of candied fruits (pear, pineapple), which continuously rise in intensity. The retro-olfaction is both nobly spiced (curry, saffron) and vegetal (tea leaf, lime blossom). The empty glass is freshly minty, floral (dandelion, daffodil), exotic (banana, pineapple), and praline.

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