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This is a limited edition of 1,300 bottles. This pure malt whisky, distilled in a column still from malted barley, is one of the first limited editions from the TOS distillery (Hauts-de-France). The founders’ experience, as owners of the Saint Germain brewery, explains the great aromatic richness of their whiskies, whose must ferments for 7 days. This Artesia Limited Edition Porto was aged for 6 months in new French oak barrels and then in ex-port barrels. Remarkably balanced, it first asserts its medicinal, camphor, spicy, and peppery character. Then, with elegance, it reveals a fruitiness that is as rich as it is precise.

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Tasting Notes

: Pale gold yellow Nose: Vibrant and velvety. Medicinal and slightly camphor, the first nose also reveals citrus (grapefruit) and fresh nut notes. Upon aeration, the camphor scents intermingle with malty and herbal aromas (cut hay). As it develops, cooked fruits (peach, mirabelle plum, pear) provide a lot of body and smoothness to the aromatic palette. Then, gradually, bourbon vanilla and licorice cover the olfactory space.

Palate : Net and straight. In perfect continuity with the nose, the attack on the palate is tenderly vanilla and spicy (pepper, nutmeg), almost spicy. In the mid-palate, flavors of toasted bread and cut grass coexist in a very harmonious way. Indulgent, the aftertaste evokes nutty fruits (chestnut, almond), a vanilla flan or even dried fruits (apricot, pear).

Finish : Long and balanced. Remarkably malty, the beginning of the finish is marked by notes of paprika and Espelette pepper of rare intensity. At the very end of the palate, linden honey and especially black fruits (blueberry, blackberry) highlight the influence of aging in port barrels. Juicy and winey (dried grape, must), the retro-olfaction shows remarkable freshness of expression. The empty glass is herbal (ivy, hay), spicy (ginger, anise) and medicinal (balm).

Profile : Rich and fruity.

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