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Armorik Breton whiskey presents a single malt aged entirely in Sherry Oloroso barrels. Soberly named Armorik Sherry, this expression is characterized by notes of candied fruit and spices while retaining the particularly fruity Armorik DNA. A very gourmet whiskey, brilliantly combining the richness of the Breton terroir with Andalusian influences.

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For more than a century this family distillery has produced spirits whose reputation extends beyond Armorican borders, combining innovation and expertise. In 1987, Warenghem began producing the first French single malt: Armorik was born. A genuine symbol of the distillery’s values, Armorik showcases both the quality of its expertise and its love of the Breton terroir: not only are the single malts all aged in Brittany but they also often contain salty notes as well as notes of salted caramel and cooked apples that recall the culinary heritage and traditional alcohol production of the area. These single malts are made from both malted and unmalted barley. A sign of recognised expertise, in February 2014, Warenghem won the gold medal at the “Concours Général Agricole” for their Armorik Classic.

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