ARHUMATIC Ybissap – Clairin Vaval, Frécinette, Passion, Sirop d’Hibiscus New Vibrations


Crafted from Clairin Vaval, a pure juice Haitian traditional rum distilled in 2021 (unaged), in which hibiscus syrup, passion fruits, and frécinettes were macerated. Chromatically, this Arhumatic displays a beautiful pink hue. Constituting the backbone of its aromatic and gustatory palette, Clairin Vaval shines brightly in the discussions. Abundantly fruity, it also reveals fragrances and flavors of red fruits, lychee, and apricot, equally vocal.

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Tasting Notes

: Pink copper.

Nose : Pulpous, smooth. Resembling a rosé wine, the initial nose is marked by notes of apricot and black grapes. Upon aeration, very invigorating, the aromatic palette is dominated by the suavity of Clairin Vaval, intertwined with hibiscus aromas, candied cherries, and exotic fruits (frécinette, passion).

Palate : Delicately indulgent. The palate’s entry is a melting pot of floral (hibiscus), fruity (tart cherries, ripe bananas), and liqueur-like flavors, with Clairin Vaval forming the backbone. The finish is milky (red fruit yogurt).

Finish : Long, fresh. The start of the finish reveals notes of vesou. Then, the presence of apricot notes recalls the initial nose. Geranium honey, passion fruits, pomegranates, and lychees impart exoticism to a finish overflowing with suavity.

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