ARHUMATIC Orange – Cannelle – Vanille (Vespera Hiemalis)


For over 10 years, Clémence and Thierry Ogez have been passionate and demanding professionals in the field of quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Initially personal rum arrangers, they have become true “master assemblers.” The agricole rum from Guadeloupe used for macerations is specially selected to bring out the best of fresh fruits and plants. The result is a smooth and balanced drink with a relatively low alcohol degree, around 29°.

The Sicilian citrus fruits, particularly oranges, are exquisite. They are selected for their taste qualities, their maturity, the Sicilian terroir, and their exposure to the sun. They have the particularity of not being treated, allowing the use of their zest.

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Tasting Notes

: The zest of freshly picked oranges brings freshness. The aromas of vanilla then warmly balance this elixir.

Palate : The harmony of the three components is very balanced, with notes of chocolate blending with the sweet flavors of orange.

Finish : The flavor of the orange strengthens and the elixir evolves incredibly.

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