ARHUMATIC Menthe (Mentha)


Aromatic herbs are very important in the culinary art. They harbour the flavours well, allowing the lifting of a dish or a desert. (They also have digestive and medicinal virtues etc) To use them well it is imperative that they are properly fresh. ARHUMATIC MENTHA has been made with a view to bringing out the digestive virtues of this herb and create a real mint liqueur. Don’t look for the flavours of a mojito. It is rather an evocation of mint tea that predominates. The variety selected is strong enough and with enough flavour to be the only ingredient to be combined with the rum.

THE FRUIT : Botanists have counted several dozen varieties of mint. These herbs must be of an irreproachable freshness. The acquirement, therefore, must be soon after the harvest to guarantee and preserve this freshness. So once harvested the mint is immediately placed in the bottle.

SEASONALITY : Mint is grown all year long, in France or in Morocco according to the season. The varieties follow each other along the months. ARHUMATIC Mentha is therefore available from January to December.

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Behind the mint leaves and the chlorophyll notes transpires a mysterious light.
The sweet chlorophyll, powerful and pure, predominates and then leaves the place for the flavour of old fashioned chewing gum, slightly peppery.
On tasting this liqueur, mint tea is evoked, gentle and sweet, but also a very fragrant medicinal mint.

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