ARDMORE 36 ans 1985 Sherry Cask Antipodes G&M


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Colour: bright gold.

Nose: rich, heady. On the first nose, fragrances of a rooty and empyreumatic peat (sleet, soot) appear alongside incredibly pure vanilla, lemony and medicinal (cloth bandage, mustard poultice) notes. Allowed to breathe, the aroma palette becomes increasingly mineral (schist, charcoal, basalt), salty and at the same time creamy (cooked barley, rice cake). Next, essential oils (savory, rosemary, sage) and spices (star anise, clove, nutmeg) interweave with fresh fruits (William’s pear, Golden Delicious apple).

Palate: clean, full of vitality. The finely liquorice (stick) and oily (green olive) attack develops candied (lemon, pineapple, pear) and herbaceous (green barley, cut hay, lucerne) flavours. On the midpalate, notes of barley sugar and aniseed seep deep into the taste buds. The end of the palate is mentholated, very slightly earthy and rooty (gentian, genepi).

Finish: long, dense. Rooted in a mineral salt-rich soil, the start of the finish is underscored by a remarkable chocolate and malty bitterness. At the end of the finish, the acrid flavours of a smoking cigar float through the air, which is increasingly saturated with an intense smoke and eucalyptus notes. The retro-nasal olfaction is malty, peaty (dried peat), medicinal (ointment), vanilla and lemony. The empty glass takes us to the heart of a peat field swept with sea spray.

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The Ardmore distillery was founded in 1897 by Adam Teacher and doubled its production capacity on two occasions, first in 1955 then in 1974, moving from two to eight stills. Up until 2022, it was one of the last distilleries in Scotland to continue to use direct-fired coal stills. It produces two single malts, the first peated (12-14 ppm) named Ardmore, and the second unpeated, essentially for master blenders, named Ardlair. As its 40th birthday approaches, with time this version has developed a marvellously oxidative character that brings to mind a great Jura vin jaune. Having reached peak maturity, its flavour and aroma palette delivers both the minerality of Ardbeg and the smoothness of Bowmore.

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