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A revolution has disrupted the whisky category in 2020: Waterford Distillery! Led by the renowned Mark Reynier, the project has put the focus back on the barley at the heart of a single malt’s final flavour, through an ambitious triptych of Terroir, Traceability and Transparency. Inspired by the greatest winemakers and the tremendous richness of the Irish terroir, coupled with elite and cutting-edge production methods, the distillery has created an unique Single Farm Origin range that has been praised by critics and enthusiasts alike. A way to express the full complexity of each terroir, each farm, each harvest. One farm at a time! At the end of this year, Mark Reynier and his team are taking things a step further with the launch of the eagerly awaited The Cuvée, Waterford’s most profound single malt! The Cuvée is the result of blending barley from 25 farms, in a way the sum of 25 Single Farm Origins. But this expression is much more than a sum, it is a single malt of great complexity, reflecting the identity of each terroir, just like the great wines of Bordeaux. Waterford’s strive for traceability and transparency reaches its highest level with The Cuvée since it is possible to know all the details of each Single Farm, from field to bottle. The complexity is evident at every stage of the tasting as this expression has a rich and deep aromatic profile. Marked by Waterford’s typical malty character, this edition brings together fruity and floral aromas of great finesse, delicate gourmand and spicy notes as well as a vegetal and mineral touch reflecting the terroir, or rather the terroirs ! The Cuvée is a flagship bottling, available globally and permanently. Most of all, it is the definitive Waterford Whisky. Additionally, this release features a bespoke label, commissioned from artist Leah Hewson. A no miss whisky!

Profile: Deep and complex. Banana, lavender, marmelade.


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  • Nose : Subtle and complex. Red apples, fresh dry soil, breadcrust, green foliage, lavender, digestive biscuits, oranges, barmbrack, over ripe banana skin, a summer flower bed, fresh mint, coffee cake.
  • Palate : Rich and spicy Clove sweets, white pepper, oily, grapefruit, lemon zest, dark chocolate, dry toast, cherries, granola bar, dried herbs, aniseed, green olives, 3 peel marmalade.
  • Overall : Long and oily Pepper up front with oily spiciness that softens, starts dry but then gets mouth-watering & lingers

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