SEQUOIA 2017 Version Française


Founded in 2015 by Eric and Anne-Hélène Cordelle, the Vercors distillery produces a 100% organic whisky. The first distillation is completed at a low temperature in a stainless steel still designed by Honoré and the second in a copper Charentais still. This incredible concentrated version reveals a particularly bright and nuanced palette of flavours and aromas that is intensely malty, fruity and spicy.

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Appearance : burnished gold.
Nose : lively, fresh. Staying close to malted and green barley, the first nose is also deliciously vanilla, herbaceous (cut hay) and lemony. Allowed to breathe, it becomes unmistakably spicy (ginger, cinnamon, clove) and rooty (gentian). Fresh fruits (apple, peach, Mirabelle plum) and citrus zest (orange, mandarin) then bring lots of vitality to the aroma palette.
Palate : rich yet subtle. The deliciously apricot attack is remarkably smooth. We have moved from green barley to golden-blonde barley. On the mid-palate, custard and apple tart flavours delightfully envelop the taste buds. The end of the palate adds a host of dried fruit and nuts (date, fig, chestnut) to the fruity register already provided by the flavour palette.
Overall : long, well-balanced. With rare smoothness, the start of the finish lingers for a long time on the dried fruit and nuts found at the end of the palate. Acacia honey, camomile, almond milk and hazelnut gradually cover the ensemble. The retro-nasal olfaction is characterized by a very fine note of salted butter caramel and ground walnut. The empty glass faithfully reproduces the malty and creamy character of the first nose, adding cinnamon and grated ginger.

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