REMI LANDIER Reserve de la Famille Artisanal – Lot 62


Distilled in the 1960s by Remi Landier in a small copper Charentais still and sourced from the beautiful terroir of Fins Bois, this limited edition of sixty bottles has aged in a toasted oak cask for over fifty years before being bottled at its natural strength. Remarkably fresh, it relies on vanilla from start to finish to highlight the extreme complexity of its aromatic and flavorful profile, which reveals itself as exotic, tertiary, floral, chocolaty, spicy, and medicinal in turns. Long after, a delicate note of beeswax and sandalwood provides it with a great expression of nobility.

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Tasting Notes

: Fine, pulpy. Very exotic (passion fruit, mango), the initial nose is also vanilla and apricot, before a slight woody smoke takes over the aromatic palette. This is followed by notes of dried fruits (almond, date, chestnut) that testify to the venerable age of this Landier Family Reserve. Gradually, it becomes balsamic (cypress, eucalyptus).

Palate : Both firm and creamy. Vanilla pods mingle with heady flowers (broom, hyacinth) and aromatic herbs (chamomile, sage). With a lot of freshness, the mid-palate reveals notes of white grape and white peach. The back palate is chocolaty, minty, and roasted (tobacco, coffee). As it progresses, some spices make their appearance (nutmeg, cumin).

Finish : Long, refined. Continuing with the same fervor, vanilla now takes on a more pastry-like character (custard, éclair). It extends into quince jelly and emery cloth. It emanates a pleasant sensation of plenitude. The retro-olfaction gradually becomes medicinal (camphor, balm). The empty glass carries notes of salted butter caramel and Bourbon vanilla.

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