RAMPUR 8 ans 2015 First Fill Bourbon New Vibrations


Founded in 1943, the Rampur distillery has been owned by the Radico Khaitan company since 1972. Its malt distillery is equipped with a wash still with a capacity of 25,000 liters and a spirit still with a capacity of 16,000 liters, producing approximately 2.6 million liters of pure alcohol annually. Particularly outgoing, the aromatic and gustatory palette of this version claims an incredible freedom of expression throughout the tasting.

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Tasting Notes

: Deep old gold.

Nose : Expansive, subtle. Oriental (Turkish delight, rose petal, lychee), the initial scent is particularly expressive. With aeration, enchanting aromas of ripe mango, dried fig, royal jelly, and dried apricot add brightness and depth to the aromatic palette.

Palate : Lively, tense. Vanilla, slightly peppery, roasted (coffee), and apricot-flavored, the mouthfeel has a rare persistence. Gradually, woody (oak) and cereal flavors envelop the taste buds in a fine powdery (cocoa) and spicy (cumin) layer.

Finish : Long, silky. A synthesis of the nose and palate, the beginning of the finish is also oriental (patchouli, lassy). Smooth and indulgent, the aftertaste reveals succulent flavors of quince, almond paste, and green tomato fritter.

Profile : Oriental, indulgent. Turkish delight, mango, cumin.

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