PROVIDENCE 3 ans 2020


Through Providence, the Port-au-Prince distillery reconnects with the heritage of double distillation in Haiti. Its rums, crafted with a Müller pot still, undergo a first distillation with alcohol levels between 25 and 30 degrees, followed by a second distillation ranging between 72 and 78 degrees. After three years in barrels that previously held Providence rum, this version shines with fruity, indulgent, and spicy notes full of vigor.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Deep gold.

Nose : Fine, generous. Perfectly balanced, the first nose reveals a myriad of fruits (lime, clementine, banana) wrapped in a lovely layer of varnish. In continuation, with more relief, the second nose unveils a more herbaceous olfactory landscape.

Palate : Lively, harmonious. With a lot of enthusiasm and precision, the mouthfeel reveals notes of white chocolate and honey. Then, the gustatory palette evolves towards floral flavors in the mid-palate. Over time, a fine layer of vanilla covers the taste buds.

Finish : Ample, abundant. The start of the finish is peppery and herbaceous (oregano), then distinctly mentholated. The aftertaste returns briskly to fruity territories (peach) and divinely juicy notes.

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