NIKKA Coffey Vodka


Produced in a Coffey still, this vodka is the result of a blend of maize spirit and malted barley spirit. During bottling, it was filtered through birch charcoal so that it would retain as much unctuosity and balance as possible.

The rich and smooth initial nose is characterized by notes of cashew nut, liquorice, mint and raspberry. Allowed to breathe, it elegantly develops into freshly cut grass, almond and citrus fruit (lemon). Next, coriander, coconut and lychee arrive in a grand finale. The fairly lively attack returns to dried fruit (date, almond), while a handful of very mild spices bring lots of energy (cinnamon, cardamom). The very herbaceous finish also evokes a very ripe pear. On the end of the palate, the smoothness of the maize and the special character of the malted barley are perfectly reproduced.

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Born into a family of sake producers in 1894, Masataka Taketsuru is considered to be the father of Japanese whisky. After training as a chemist, he began working for the Settsu Shuzo company, who sent him to Scotland in 1918 to carry out an apprenticeship. There he developed a passion for whisky and decided to dedicate his life to it. In 1934, he built Yoichi, his first distillery, on the island of Hokkaido. His growing success enabled him to open a second distillery near Sendai in 1969: Miyagikyo. The Nikka Whisky group creates its entire line of Japanese whiskies using single malts from these two distilleries.

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