NEISSON 2019 Straight from the Barrel fût n°657 Adrien New Vibrations


Distilled on July 12, 2019, this version aged in the ‘Adrien’ cellar, which maintains an average humidity level of 76% and an average temperature of 27.4°C. Whether in terms of aroma or taste, this version possesses a texture with a velvety and powdery grain that is pure enchantment. Very solar in nature, chromatically it also showcases a range of golden and amber colors, with a moiré effect echoing its complexity.

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Tasting Notes

: Old gold.

Nose : Broad, deep. Resinous (cedar), medicinal (tiger balm), exotic (yellow kiwi, green banana), and chocolaty, the nose reveals a particularly solar character. Upon aeration, carnation, black pepper, chili, and aromatic plants (savory, rosemary) intertwine with delight.

Palate : Lively, invigorating. Licorice sticks form the backbone upon which nutmeg, ginger roots, and curry rest. Then, vanilla notes and cocoa beans embody a very harmonious tasting sequence.

Finish : Long, stately. In perfect continuity from the palate, the start of the finish is fibrous (sugarcane) and powdery (cocoa). Then, sugarcane juice with floral and honeyed accents spreads across the entire palate. The aftertaste is herbaceous (tobacco) and heady (carnation, pansy).

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