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The Michter’s distillery was the first American distillery established in the United States in 1753. Prohibition in 1919 and other events forced Michter’s to close its doors to the public. It wasn’t until the 1990s that two businessmen partnered up and revived production. Michter’s doesn’t aim for cost-cutting in its manufacturing; instead, it invests in every production stage to create the best American whiskies:

  • Air-dried wood, not in a kiln
  • Wood toasted before being charred
  • Barreled at 51.5% (instead of 62.5% in the industry)
  • Exclusively in Single Barrel or highly limited Small Batch Michter’s: Ranked as the #1 top-trending American brand in the world by Drinks International. Michter’s US*1 American Whiskey is the perfect representation of maturation in “Bourbon Soaked White Oak” barrels brought to its peak. A little gem, it unveils oak, smoke, floral, and spice notes on the palate. A perfectly executed balancing act.

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Tasting Notes

: Dominated by vanilla, supported by caramel, smoky wood, and dried fruits.

Palate : Michter’s typical woodiness sets the tone. Delicate vanilla notes, fine spices, and orange zest extend the experience.

Finish : Resembles an old-fashioned fruit compote. Sustained with caramel, bourbon vanilla, and fine spices.

Profile : Balanced, unique, and aromatic.

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