MANDRIN 2015 Version Française


This version distilled by home-distiller Gilles Godet reveals an incredibly full expression. The very dense palette of flavours and aromas explores every possible nuance of peat. The empyreumatic, animal and medicinal notes that keep coming back are the perfect example. These are accompanied by a fruity and chocolatey creaminess and a very pleasant herbaceous freshness.

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Appearance : burnished gold.
Nose : rich, concentrated. On the first nose, magnificent aromas of creosote, fuel oil, soot, grape (botrytized), camphor, heather honey and bacon adorn an omnipresent peat. Allowed to breathe, thick smoke spreads through the air. At the same time, the scents of peony, candied orange, chocolate and cinnamon create sublime dark and light tones.
Palate : lively and creamy. The heady attack is like cutting through an almost dry peat. On the mid-palate, Corinthian raisins, pipe tobacco and candied citrus fruit (lemon, orange) create a slightly tannic and above all very juicy sequence of flavours. At the end of the palate, various spices (salted butter caramel, black pepper) and salted butter caramel are placed on hot tarmac. Chocolate and black liquorice are also present.
Overall : long, silky. The animal start of the finish (Viande de Grisons, bresaola) invites us to suck on cough sweets. Mentholated and medicinal (mustard poultice) flavours then create an energetic transition. Next come dried fruit and nuts (chestnut, date, fig) that very softly coat the palate. On the retro-nasal olfaction, notes of Guéméné andouille sausage add to the meaty register of the finish. The empty glass is completely different and wavers between candied fruits (pear, apple), peat, charcoal and pine resin.

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