LEDAIG 12 ans 2009 Conquête Hid.


From just one glance at the almost-clear colour of this Ledaig, we can tell the cask will have virtually no influence on the palette of aromas and flavours. At once earthy and marine, it is also rustic and yet extremely elegant and accessible without lacking complexity. In the most natural way possible, it expresses all the paradoxes for which this superb single malt from the Isle of Mull is known.

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Appearance : almost colourless.
Nose : powerful, typical. Bacon, smoked fish, creosote, musk, peat deeply rooted in a granite soil, and ash. As well as lemon, acacia honey, a delicious vanilla ice cream, juicy pear, and freshly cut grass. Followed by orange zest, dandelion, juniper berry, fresh walnut, turpentine, liquorice, black pepper, camphor and tiger balm. This Ledaig has an expressive nose to say the least.
Palate : lively, precise. On the attack, the medicinal peat (mustard, clove) that unceremoniously zigzags across the palate has something of the dentist’s office about it. This is sure to be a hit with fans. On the mid-palate, soot spreads across the sides of the palate. The increasingly milky (almond), fermentary (barley pulp) and mentholated (Vicks Vaporub) end of the palate moves closer to the sea’s edge (iodine, seaweed, shellfish).
Overall : long, assertive. At the start of the finish, acacia honey and a few slices of juicy pineapple beat a path that refreshes the taste buds. Next, green liquorice and notes of damp straw take us to firm ground. Peat flies high above the very end of the finish. The mineral (chalk), empyreumatic (sleet, burnt wood) and sooty retro-nasal olfaction boasts impressive length. The empty glass is peaty/chocolatey, vanilla/fruity and aniseedy/mentholated.

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