LA ROCHE AUX FÉES 2017 Version Française Antipodes Vin Blanc Liquoreux Et Bourbon


Founded by the brewers of SaintColombe, in Ile-et-Vilaine, the La Roche aux Fées distillery was created by Gonny and Henri Everts in 2015. This version produced with peated barley is exceptional, as the distillery has only ever produced a very small number of casks of peated whisky since it opened. Distilled in a Coyac still, it was initially matured for 2.5 years in a sweet white wine cask, before being transferred to a bourbon cask. Each closely linked to one another, the three stages of the tasting immediately focus on a very smooth peat, before allowing an enthusiastic expression of fruity, spicy, herbaceous and vanilla notes.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Bright gold.

Nose : Fresh and concentrated. Immediately revealing a fairly oily and rich peat, the first nose is also beautifully herbaceous (tarragon, oregano), vanilla, fruity (Mirabelle plum) and peppery. Allowed to breathe, behind a fine acridness, smoke and ash, the aroma palette develops more lemony and medicinal (ointment, elastoplast) registers. Gradually, acacia honey covers the entire space, bringing lots of smoothness, while confirming notes of green liquorice and coconut.

Palate : Clean, elegant. At first, the same oily, rich peat leaves its mark on an aniseed attack refreshed by a deliciously sweet and tangy apple juice. The mentholated mid-palate reveals more exotic (pineapple, banana) and more herbaceous (cut hay, green barley) flavours. The milky end of the palate reveals notes of coconut and almond milk. The flavour palette now shines not only for its unity of tone but also for its deeply slender character.

Finish : Long, invigorating. Behind a now more liquorice and mentholated peat, the start of the finish is intensely fruity (apple, peach, pear, Mirabelle plum) and nobly woody (oak, sweet chestnut tree). The vanilla yet softly spiced (cinnamon, ginger) end of the finish is remarkably fresh. The retro-nasal olfaction takes on the honey notes from the nose, while the empty glass is medicinal and camphoric.

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