La Diablada or Danza de los Diablos is a traditional Peruvian dance in which angels and demons face one another in a constant struggle for balance. Oscillating between a liqueur and dryness, this artisanal pisco is produced by Mélanie da Trindade-Asher.

Though disputes between Peruvian and Chilean producers have led to a ban on the importation of Peruvian pisco into Chile, Chilean pisco stands out from its neighbour as much because of the different grape varieties used to produce the spirit.

Appearance: Silvery.
Nose: A delicious combination of green apples, white grapes and juicy oranges, it is drawn together by leafy (grapevine flowers, ivy) and heady floral notes (honeysuckle). Oscillates between liqueur and dryness.
Palate: Soft, round. Though citrus fruits dominate, it is only by a hair’s breadth. Indeed, the fresh fruit follows closely behind and in the end overtakes. The mid-palate is radically different, moving into peach and apricot stones and grape seeds.
Overall: Relaxes logically into marzipan. Sweet spices (cinnamon, fresh ginger) add consistency, with the leafy notes scattering the soil. The note of iced lemon that accompanies it announces the arrival of winter.

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La Diablada or Danza de los diablos, is a traditional Peruvian traditional dance in which angels and demons confront each other in a permanent quest for supremacy. This pisco recalls this dance, oscillating gently beween dry notes and a fruity juiciness.

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