KORNOG 8 ans Ex Libris Quelque Part Dans Le Ciel


After exploring Northern Ireland and Canada, the Ex Libris collection now drops its anchor off the coast of Brittany. In Pleubian, to be exact, where the Celtic Whisky Distillerie produces two single malts, one unpeated (Glann Ar Mor) and the other peated to 50 ppm (Kornog), the latter found in this series at three different ages. With remarkable presence, this energetic bottling first steps out under the spell of an empyreumatic peat, before then becoming lighter and almost ethereal, in turn revealing a rock-solid minerality.

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Tasting Notes

Colour : Bright gold.

Nose : Rich, powerful. Characterized by notes of warm ash, sleet and bonfire, the first nose is very empyreumatic. Allowed to breathe, a rooty peat (ginseng) seeped in mineral salts takes hold of the medicinal (ointment), herby (cut hay) and fruity (William’s pear) aroma palette.

Palate : Full-bodied, invigorating. The attack elegantly hands over to a more translucent peat tinged with notes of menthol and lemon. On the mid-palate, it becomes more liquoricey and vegetal (lit Havana cigar). The end of the palate reveals flavours of candied ginger.

Finish : Long, firm. Rooted in a schisty soil, the start of the finish is incredibly mineral. At once floral (lily of the valley, white lilac), fruity (Golden Delicious apple) and menthol, the after-taste is marine-inspired (seaweed). Finally, a chocolatey peat makes its comeback.

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