KILCHOMAN Small Batch French Inspiration #1 Islay Selection by LMDW


LMDW presents two cuvées with French accents for its Islay Selection 2022. This small batch comes from a blend of ex-bourbon, Oloroso and, more atypical, Calvados barrels. It’s a tasty marriage of citrus and peat smoke, the signature of Kilchoman single malts, and notes of cooked apples, vanilla and cinnamon from ex-Calvados casks.

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Tasting Notes

: Fine and subtle. This whiskey suggests that behind this small cloud of smoke, an elusive frame is revealed. In addition to the notes of peat, we approach the markers of a farm cider with a slight acid scent that explores another aromatic palette that we are not used to tasting at Kilchoman.

Palate : Frank . We clearly perceive notes of toasted wood, spices (cinnamon) as well as the touch of aging in Calvados. However, the mouth is quickly moving towards a more gourmet approach with a pastry side and hints of nuts.

Finish : Long and smoky. The finish will be under the sign of the length leaving in its wake a smoke subtly marked by citrus fruits.

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